Waltzing the Dragon

Two moms talking about our families' lives with type 1 diabetes

Imagine World Diabetes Day 2024

from Michelle: So World Diabetes Day is only 4 days away, and that got me thinking. Thinking about how (or if?) this year is better than the last, for people … Continue reading

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If I Could Go Back in Time…

Samantha’s Story – A Personal View: Guest Post from Samantha, PWD (Person with Diabetes) Anyone who lives with T1D knows just how quickly your life can change, forever. I’ll never forget the … Continue reading

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Faith Restored in the Possibilities of Eating Out

From Michelle: Some of you may understand the feeling that I get when our family tries to go out to eat: that vague anxiety, like there’s too much to think … Continue reading

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I Hate Diabetes!

From Michelle: How do you feel when your child with diabetes says that? Or how would you feel if she did? A few weeks ago, we headed home from an … Continue reading

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Protecting Health or Protecting Business?

From Danielle: Type 1 diabetes is an expensive disease to manage. Just doing the basics in diabetes care in order to stay alive includes purchasing costly test strips, insulin, lancets, … Continue reading

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Moms Unite!

Guest Post from Bonita Lehmann, Type 1 Diabetes Mom: This weekend I had an opportunity to share a very personal story. It has taken me years to have the courage, to … Continue reading

May 13, 2014 · 2 Comments

The Most Misunderstood Concept in Diabetes Self-Management Today

from Michelle: I’m like an ex-smoker who can’t stand the smell of smoke. It wasn’t that long ago that my Waltzing the Dragon co-creator, Danielle, introduced me to the concept … Continue reading

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